Multilanguage WordPress Installation

WordPress is great, it’s easy to use and it does what it’s supposed to. Except for multilingual support. I already have a blog in Dutch:, and now I started another one in English (you’re looking at it). One way I could do this was to set up a sub domain and to install another WordPress installation in there.

Wouldn’t it be nice if WordPress would support this in the standard installation? I’m not looking for software or a plugin to translate each and every blogpost I make, but I would appreciate it if it would be possible to administrate both blogs from the same admin panel. If you have two separate installations, and two separate databases, you can’t easily reuse your media in your content folder and you have to upgrade your installations separately. Although the last part could be solved by making the config.php file sub domain aware. This option I still have to experiment with.

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could simply indicate the sub domain you would like the post to show up? I configured my server in such a way that all sub domains are pointing to www, but without losing the sub domain name in the URL. If the WordPress software would be smart enough to see which sub domain is used and to show only the posts related to that subdomain, that would be great.

I don’t think this is difficult to implement, and I could do this myself, but then I have to alter the WordPress database and I’m not sure it will survive future upgrades.

What do we need to change? Three things: a piece op php code to query only the posts for the relevant sub domain, a piece of php code to make the option available to save a post for a specific subdomain and the MySQL db to keep track which posts belong to which subdomain. Can’t be that difficult.

So why isn’t this not yet implemented? Probably because not everybody has full control over his web server and probably because not many people are asking for it. But can you imagine the benefit of it? Not only for multilingual websites, but also for people who want to make separate blogs per type of interest. Maybe even on different domains…

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