Golb’s Recommended WordPress Plugins

Simple CAPTCHA. Protect your blog against SPAM bots. Simple CAPTCHA doens’t require any coding and works extremely well and is easy to use. The big advantage of Simple CAPTCHA above Askimet is that it doesn’t give the SPAM bots the idea they could post something. After some atempts the bots will stop attacking you and will leave your blog aside. This makes a big difference on the server traffic and load.

Google XML Sitemaps: creates automatically a XML sitemap of your WordPress blog. These sitemaps can be used in Google’s “Webmasters Tools”, the ideal tool to monitor your sites healthiness.

Feedburner FeedSmith. First create an account on Feedburner.com, then install Feedburner FeedSmith plugin on your blog. In the plugin settings, fill in the address of your newly created Feedburner RSS et voila. You’re done. All you RSS feed subscribers will be forwarded to the Feedburner RSS. No coding is needed. The great thing about Feedburner is that you can have a better view on your RSS subscribers.

Yet Another Related Post Plugin. In an attempt to get a higher click-through rate I installed this plugin. Based on the tags, categories, url and titles, related posts are shown under each single page post.

WordPress Database Backup. Last but not least: a decent backup tool. You can choose to backup all your WordPress tables plus all other tables inside your database. Manually or automatically. You can store the backups on your server or you can use the mailing option. Works perfect.

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