Automatic Magnetic Loop Tuner – Kit

Everything you need to build the automatic magnetic loop tuner in just one picture. On the Flickr page, you can see the annotations. To reach the Flickr page, you need to click on the picture.

Automatic Magnetic Loop Tuner Kit

After some soldering, drilling, cutting, filing, screwing, programming and painting, … it will look like this:

4 thoughts to “Automatic Magnetic Loop Tuner – Kit”

  1. Nice work!! Are you selling the kit? How much?. What about just the circuit board? How much? How can i order?

  2. Hello Kent,
    The kit on the picture was a result of the group buy that was organized by my local club and is not for sale.
    I’ve sent you an email about the PCB’s.

    73 de ON5IA

  3. Hello Denis,

    I do have some leftovers from our club group-buy. I’ve sent you an email with details.

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