Android On A HTC Diamond or Raphael

If you have a HTC Diamond or a Raphael and you want to experience how Android feels like, you should check out the Android ports of Connect-UTB. The installation is very easy and doesn’t need any tweaking nor configuration. Just download the package, copy it to your HTC, do a reboot and click on the executable.

What you get to see is what Android looks like. Unfortunately it’s far from functional and besides opening some simple applications or moving widgets you can’t do much with it. You can’t even make a phone call. Although making an outbound call is possible, you can’t hear eachother.

It lacks a decent soft-keyboard which is pretty needfull since the Diamond has no onboard keyboard. It’s fun to play with, but that basically it. Don’t use this port to judge Android, because “the real deal” rocks big time! Just see it as a teaser.

Android on HTC

Android on HTC

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